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The work of the IOM Language Project seeks to preserve traditions, cultural knowledge, oral history and language from the late IOM elders for succeeding generations. The CD recordings allow the voices of the elders to continue to teach the present and future generations on the sounds, intonation, rhythm and accent of their native IOM language. The recordings and materials can serve as the basis for independent personal or organized group study of the traditional Bxoje-Jiwre language via the sentences, narratives and songs the elders rendered during the development and publishing of the IOM Language Books I & II (Basic & Intermediate). While the naturalistic values and spirituality of the traditional IOM old people will never fully be restored, they have left behind a great heritage which they desired to continue for the benefit of the present and future generations. To this end, it is the purpose of this web site and accompanying language project to share in part the elder's desire to continue their language and traditional culture and knowledge. Ultimately, it is the role of each descendent to continue it further among their own family and relations.

Ho, Nawo Pi ramaisge taho. (May you walk a good road!)

--An interim updated CD and web site based version of the Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Dictionary. Ultimately, it is desired to make the Dictionary into an unabridged encyclopedic Dictionary in a published and CD versions as well as a web site version.

--Complete all manuscripts of the bilingual traditional Ioway, Otoe-Missouria wkan stories in both Native and English texts, for illustrated publication, either in individual story units, or in collections of similar narrative themes.

--Complete all manuscripts of personal narratives of the several Elders in both Native and English texts, for an illustrated Collection entitled, "Hintga Hinwgraiwi It^e: Our Grandfathers Speak".

--Complete composition of the several Clan Origin Legends in an illustrated publication.

--Compile for publication a listing of all known personal Clan names by individual Clan, perhaps in a separate section of the above work on the Clan Legend Stories. These names may still be utilized by individual families for the purpose of continuing the prayer and blessing of bestowal of Clan names on their children and family members.

--Transfer tribal songs and recordings of the Elders from the near thirty year old cassette recordings to CDs with transcription of oral narration for the availability to the current generation of singers, dancers and families who desire to maintain and continue to Native culture, as well as to the general public.

--Develop new or updated teaching multi-media materials, resources, including books, cassettes and CDs for use in the language class instruction.

As First Nations people, we are humbled by the wisdom of our elders and the deep connection they share with Great Spirit, the world of nature and family. We regard our elders as the rapidly-vanishing and irreplaceable keepers of oral history, tradition and enviornment. The values they extol represent an ancient legacy of knowledge that is becoming as endangered as many disappearing species in our fragile ecosytem.
From Wisdom of the Elders, Inc., Portland, Oregon.

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