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Baxoje-Jiwere Ich^e Wogundhe
Ioway Otoe Language Study

NOTE: A number of files on this site are in Acrobot PDF format. To be able to view them you will need a Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you may download it for free here.

Orthographic Updates: Jimm G. GoodTracks on orthographic typing fonts for his Ioway-Otoe-Missouria Indian Traditional Stories, with "Ioway Community Hall" text and translation from Comes Walking (From Creation), Robert Small. Wolf Clan. Near Perkins, Okla. 1936. (PDF)

Ioway - Otoe Verb Composition. Elements of the Verb and Conjugation: Jimm G. GoodTracks. (PDF)

Otoe-Missouria Language Forum, January 28 2006: Jimm G. Uncle Franklin Murray's Prayer, Tribal Language Preservation, Writing the Unwritten, Simple Commands and Statements, Ioway Community Hall, Simple Commands and Statements, Verbs, Song "Jesus I Come to You Truly", Elders' Admonition and Blessing. (PDF)

Otoe-Missouria Language Forum, February 25 2006: Jimm G. GoodTracks. Robert Moore's Prayer, Basic Sentences, Otoe-Missouria Flag Song, Numbers, Native Kinship System, Verbs, "Oh, How I love Jesus", Richard Shunatona CheDoba, Additional Vocabulary. (PDF)

Ioway-Otoe Language CD & Text
Four language interview cassettes made with the Ioway-Otoe Elders during the 1970's, which in turn were ultilized in the making and printing of the Ioway - Otoe Language Book I, Elementary Level & Book II, Intermediate Level. There is an accompaning text book with the English & Ioway, Otoe-Missouria sentences.

Ioway-Otoe-Missouria Nations Language Books

Ioway Tribe Bibliography, Kansas State Historical Society: Jimm G. GoodTracks. (PDF)

Math and Time. Basic math and time translations, including the word for "allotment" and the tribal elder's narrative using the term in context.

"The Lady's Encounter of a Holy Person", audio file of Joe Young Sr. (Udhsje, Bear Clan name) and Bessie Dupree Young (UxrHgaMi, Eagle Clan name). Thanks to Sergey Bychko for the upload.

Incomplete Draft Grammar Sketch for NSF IOWA Dictionary Project (Jimm GoodTracks P.I.) by Jill D. Greer, latest version uploaded May 2012.

Photo of Shunge Xowe (Medicine Horse)

Image of Shuge Xowe (Medicine Horse), Wosy Kent's mother's father. Courtesy of the Oklahoma Historical Society. Reproduced from Jiwele-Baxoje, Wan'shige Ukenye Ich'e, Otoe-Iowa Indian Language, Book II. View larger image here.

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